Top Ten Literary Wedding Themes for Book Loving Brides

My husband and I are celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary today so I have weddings on my mind. I didn’t have Pinterest or Etsy or any of the great online resources that brides have now-a-days so I never really realized all of the cool book-themed elements I could incorporate in my wedding. I hadn’t even learned how to make jewelry yet so I didn’t even have the option of wearing some literary and lovely to my wedding. *sigh* Of course, if I were getting married now or if Rob and I ever decide to renew our vows, things would be very different. I would let both my love of books and my creativity come out to play when planning my big day and I would have some gorgeous Literary Wedding Pinterest boards as inspiration.

I thought that, in honor of the day, I would share the Top 10 Literary Wedding Themes for bookish brides.

10. Treasure Island – I wouldn’t have thought of this one on my own but once I found some pirate-y pins for buccaneer brides, I really fell in love. There’s no better way to spice up a beach wedding than with a pirate theme and plenty of rum. Click here for more Treasure Island Wedding inspiration and ideas.

9. Where the Wild Things Are – Again, this wouldn’t have occurred to me, but some creative bride and groom decided that a wild rumpus of a wedding is the perfect way to start a life-time adventure with someone who loves you best of all. After seeing these pictures, I couldn’t agree more!

8. Peter Pan – What could be more fun than a destination wedding in Neverland? Check out this Peter Pan wedding that shows that with enough love, faith, and pixie dust, marriage (much like life) can be an awfully big adventure! (Speaking of a Peter Pan wedding, wouldn’t this sweet Thimble and Acorn Peter Pan Bracelet make a darling wedding accessory for Wendy?)

7. Mad Tea Party – Or you can host your own Mad Tea Party wedding reception with lots of mismatched teacups and whimsical Alice in Wonderland accents. Click here for some Wonderland wedding ideas and inspiration.

6. The Secret Garden – If you are looking for something a little more traditional, you can’t go wrong with an English tea party with a Secret Garden theme.  Decorate with lots of roses and botanical elements. Add in some vintage – style keys and a cheeky robin or two and you’ll be all set to watch your love bloom. (Check out this Secret Garden wedding cake! Don’t you just love the little keyhole?!)

5. Pride and Prejudice – If you’re a bride who has found her own personal Mr. Darcy, you may enjoy a Jane Austen wedding. You can go for the full Pemberley look with a Regency – style dress or channel your inner Elizabeth Bennet with some handmade Pride and Prejudice jewelry, including this romantic Pride and Prejudice ring.

Pride and Prejudice Bride

4. Shakespeare – Themed Weddings – Nothing says classic romance like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Although things didn’t work out all that well for Shakespeare’s star cross’d lovers, the story is one of the great love stories for a reason and these Romeo and Juliet earrings and matching pearl necklace make the perfect “something blue” for a theatrical bride.

Romeo and Juliet Pearl Drop Jewelry

Of course, if you are looking for a Shakespeare wedding with lots of magic and enchantment, you can’t go wrong with A Midsummer Night’s Dream wedding theme. Click here for literary wedding inspiration that is simply a Midsummer Night’s Dream come true!

3. Jane Eyre / Wuthering Heights – Bronte brides may want to plan a Gothic – style wedding on the moors. Heathcliff and Cathy aren’t great role models for healthy, romantic relationships but this Wuthering Heights wedding looks gorgeous and moody. And if you love Jane Eyre, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful Jane Eyre ring with the iconic quote: “Reader, I married him.”

Jane Eyre Ring

2. Anne of Green Gables – If I had to pick a book theme for my own wedding, it would be Anne of Green Gables. Anne has a blend of romance, imagination, and a sense of home and family that is everything I could ever want in a wedding. Actually, Anne and Gilbert’s relationship is everything I could ever want in a marriage. They are simply my favorite literary couple of all time. If you are looking for inspiration for a Green Gables wedding, you can always check out the description of Anne and Gilbert’s wedding in Anne’s House of Dreams *sigh* or you could check out this dreamy Anne of Green Gables wedding shoot.

1.  Books, Books, and More Books – Of course, you don’t have to pick a specific book (or just one book) to include in your special day. From library style save the date cards to bookish centerpieces and literary wedding cakes, there are a million ways to incorporate your love of books into your wedding. Check out my Literary Wedding Pinterest board for more book-themed wedding ideas and inspirations.

Thanks for checking out my Top Ten Literary Wedding Themes for Book Loving Brides. I’d love to hear from you so please leave a comment about some of your favorite literary wedding themes!

Until next time, take care and happy reading!

P.S. Are you planning a book themed wedding? Don’t forget that I offer discounts on my handmade literary jewelry for bibliophile brides-to-be and their bridal parties! I can also create custom jewelry inspired by your vows or a special book, poem, or Bible verse. Contact me at kerry (at) csliteraryjewelry (dot) com for more details.

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