Strawberry Picking With Emma Woodhouse

DSC_0029It’s June and that means it’s the season for strawberry picking! There are so many local farms here on Long Island with pick-your-own strawberries and  fresh picked strawberries always seem to taste so much better than anything you can buy in a store so I look forward to strawberry season all year long! Recently, I was talking about how much I enjoyed picking strawberries with a fellow Jane Austen fan and the conversation quickly turned to the scene in Emma where Mr. Knightley invites his friends and neighbors to enjoy a day picking strawberries at his estate. The plan was to spend the morning picking strawberries and enjoying the grounds and then have a light tea indoors. I’ve always found this idea charming and wished I could join in the party. But since I haven’t found a way to step into a Jane Austen novel yet,  I decided to do the next best thing and plan out my own day of berry picking and tea.

Strawberries, and only strawberries, could now be thought or spoken of. — “The best fruit in England — every body’s favourite — always wholesome. — These the finest beds and finest sorts. — Delightful to gather for one’s self—the only way of really enjoying them.” – Jane Austen, Emma

First, I put together the perfect outfit for a day of strawberry picking with Emma Woodhouse, Mr. Knightley, and all their friends. I wanted something nice and cool for the outdoor portion of the day but still nice enough for the tea party afterwards. I found a sweet, summer sundress in a cheery red print and paired it with sandals, a summer hat with a strawberry red bow, and an Emma Woodhouse Bangle Bracelet from the C. S. Literary Jewelry Etsy shop to create a lovely, summer outfit, perfect for a wonderful day at Donwell Abbey.

Strawberry Picking With Emma Woodhouse

Once I had my outfit picked out, I needed to plan the menu. I found the most delicious Long Island Strawberry Tea at my local tea shop, a light green tea that is perfect for a summer’s day like today, and I scoured Pinterest for some yummy strawberry recipes to try. I found one for a Cream Cheese Strawberry Banana Bread that looked delicious and decided to try it. The results were two loaves of decadent banana bread with rich bits of strawberries scattered throughout – perfect for my strawberry themed tea party!

If you enjoyed strawberry picking with Emma and Mr. Knightley, you can

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