Shoeless Joe Book Club Discussion – Day 7

Shoeless Joe Book Club Discussion – Day 7

Hello everyone! We’re wrapping up our book club discussion of Shoeless Joe with one final round of discussion questions.

  • Why do you think that J. D. Salinger was invited to join the baseball players after the game and not Ray?
  • What do you think Salinger sees when he goes out into the cornfield with Shoeless Joe and the other players?
  • Any final thoughts on Shoeless Joe to share with the group?

As always, you can leave your answers to the discussion questions here in the comments or head over to the CSLJ Facebook page and comment there.  You can see all of the posts from our discussion of Shoeless Joe here.

Thanks to everyone who participated and I hope to see you all next week when we chat about The Color Purple by Alice Walker!

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2 Responses to Shoeless Joe Book Club Discussion – Day 7

  1. I think that Ray is not invited back to the corn field after the game because he already has his little bit of Heaven. Other than making his peace with his father, saving his farm, and brushing against a little bit of magic, there really isn’t anything that the field of dreams could offer him that he didn’t already have with Karen and Annie.

    Then again, maybe he will finally get that invitation to join the baseball players after the game someday in the future when Karin is grown. Who knows?

    I think Salinger sees the Polo Grounds and gets a chance to live his baseball dream and to return to the world renewed and refreshed and with a new story to write.

  2. I agree whole heartedly with what you said Kerry. I think Ray will get to join the game after Karen is grown. I think he just needs the time to reflect and see that his heaven is all right there.

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