Ready For Our Close Up…

Hello again poetry lovers! As many of you know, I am utterly obsessed with T. S. Eliot’s poem, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, and so I was very excited when I heard that Cheekybats Productions was making a short, independent film based on the poem. From everything I’ve read and seen, (including this teaser for the film ), the production promises to be gorgeous and will feature original Prufrock – inspired music and artwork by a wide range of talented musicians and artists.



And if all this wasn’t exciting enough,  I am thrilled to announce that our Tea Lovers’ Charm Necklace will be featured in the film!!  (#ReadyForOurCloseUp #GonnaBeAStar #SoExcited)

If you would like to be a part of Prufrock: The Film. They are currently looking for extras and crew members and you can also help fund the film by supporting their Indiegogo campaign.

In addition to the satisfaction of helping Prufrock come to life, there are a wide range of incentives being offered for Prufrock supporters, including tickets to see the film, some of the artwork featured in the film, and Prufrock – inspired jewelry from C. S. Literary Jewelry, including this exclusive J. Alfred Prufrock Mermaid Brooch.

Other incentives include a set of each of our J. Alfred Prufrock – Inspired Literary Note Cards:


J. Alfred Prufrock Teacup Note Card – Among the Porcelain / Among some talk of you and me…


J. Alfred Prufrock – Coffee Lover Note Card – I have measured out my life in coffee spoons…


And our new J. Alfred Prufrock Necklace and Ring, featuring literary quotes from the poem:

J. Alfred Prufrock Adjustable Ring – Do I dare disturb the universe?


J. Alfred Prufrock Literary Necklace – Let us go then, you and I

For more information, visit Prufrock: The Film on:
Facebook // Twitter // Indiegogo

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8 Responses to Ready For Our Close Up…

    • Thanks Jicsi! I am so glad you like the Mermaid brooch. I’ve had the design in mind for a while and it all came together when I started talking to the film-makers.

      When last I checked, the brooch was still available as an incentive for the Indiegogo campaign but there’s only one of it so if you love it, I suggest grabbing it while you can!

    • Thanks Linda! I love the poem so I was excited when I heard about the project but I am beyond thrilled to be able to be a part of it. I just spoke with the producer and she said she is going to send me some behind the scenes photos from the shoot they are doing later on this month. I really can’t wait to see them!

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