Pride, Prejudice, and Product Photography

One of the hardest things about selling handmade jewelry online is getting great product photos. This is something that I have struggled with for a while and now my husband, Rob, has been taking a turn at the camera, trying to find the right way to show off our literary jewelry in the best possible light. Yesterday, we were working on photos of my Mr. Darcy Proposal Rings, two rings (one in silver and one in gold) that features Mr. Darcy’s famous declaration of love to Elizabeth Bennet.  After taking a could of shots under different lighting and with different layouts, we both sat down to look at what we got and see if anything is useable. Alas, neither of us were all that thrilled with our options and the quest for the perfect product shot continues.

The funny part in all of this came right after we determined that we didn’t really like the shots we got. My poor hubby, who had worked so hard on them, turned to me and very mournfully said, “In vain have I struggled. These photos will not do.”  I almost died laughing.

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