Once Upon a Time…

I love fairytales. From the bedtime stories that my mom used to read to me, to the Disney movies I grew up watching, from great t.v. shows like Once Upon a Time to Broadway plays like Into the Woods, I simply cannot get enough of those classic tales.

Inspired by these timeless story book stories, I have been having a lot of fun designing pieces for my series of Fairytale Bangle Bracelets. Personalized with a Swarovski heart charm in your favorite color or birthstone and a silver-plated resin charm with your choice of of fairytale phrase, (“Once Upon a Time,” “True Love’s Kiss,” or “Happily Ever After”), these charming bangle bracelets are perfect for ladies who still believe in fairytales, no matter if they are still waiting for their prince to come or are celebrating a fairytale romance.  Today, I am pleased to announce three new additions to the series, including my:

Beauty and the Beast Bangle Bracelet

Beauty and the Beast Fairytale Bangle Bracelet

The Evil Queen Fairytale Bangle Bracelet


And Sleeping Beauty Bangle Bracelet


Check out my full Fairytale Bangle Bracelet series here and be sure to visit Novel Creations for enchanting Fairytale Book Purses – like this Brother’s Grimm Purse – to go with your new Fairytale jewelry.  (Use the coupon code, CSLJ10 and save 10% on your Novel Creations order!)

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