More Reasons to Buy Handmade

It’s just a little over 2 weeks away from Christmas and even the last minute shoppers are starting to get their gift buying groove on and so I am back with another installment of the 30 Days of Handmade Christmas and  four more reasons why you should buy handmade gifts this year.

Day 11 – Custom
Another advantage of shopping handmade is that you can get almost anything, even if it doesn’t exist yet. With big companies you are limited to what they offer but working with an individual artist or craftsman often means you have a lot more options for personalized gifts and custom, one of a kind items.

(Looking for a one of a kind piece of literary jewelry for a special book lover. Check out what some of my past customers have had to say about their custom pieces and then contact me to discuss a custom design)

 Day 12 – Connected
Makers of handmade items are obsessed and passionate about what they do, which means that they are very knowledgeable about their fields and about the handmade community in general. This means that you get the benefit of an expert to help you pick out the perfect item. Picking up a funky cuff bracelet for your favorite fashionista? Odds are that the artist who made it can point you in the direction of a designer who has the perfect jacket to go with it!  Looking for the ultimate book lover gift for your Jane Austen obsessed sister but haven’t read the books yourself? I am sure a certain literature – obsessed maker of of book-themed jewelry could help you pick something out (and tell you where you can get a great matching purse too!)

Day 13 – Quirky
It doesn’t matter what fandoms, hobbies, or interests you have, you are sure to find a great artist or craftsmen that is just as obsessed as you are and who loves to express their obsession by creating unique, quirky items that you won’t find in a department store. This makes gifts for those hard to shop for friends and family so much easier.

Day 14 – Cool
All of this adds up to gifts that are just plain cool. Rather than having something that is just another thing, handmade items are personal, unique, and have a story behind them. They lend themselves to your personal style and interests and set trends, rather than follow them.

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