Literary Lunch Date

Come chat with your fellow book lovers and lit geeks over at the C. S. Literary Jewelry Facebook Page. Today’s topic:

Fill in the blank. If I could have lunch with any writer or poet, it would be ________#LetsChat

Posted by CSLiteraryJewelry on Tuesday, May 19, 2015

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6 Responses to Literary Lunch Date

  1. Thanks for the opportunity to invite someone to lunch. The way I’m feeling at the moment, I can’t think of anyone better than A.A. Milne: just love his poetry and stories for children, as I wait to greet my first grandchild – who is being adopted by my younger daughter.

  2. What a great choice Isobel! (Although if you are going to have lunch with A. A. Milne, you are going to have to have a little smackerel of something sweet with honey!)

    Congratulations on the precious new arrival in your family and God bless your new grandchild and their new family.

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