Literary Halloween Costumes – Alice in Wonderland and The White Rabbit

For the final installment in this year’s blog series of great literary Halloween costumes, I decided to take a trip down the rabbit hole to Wonderland with some costumes inspired the classic book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. There are so many wonderful Alice in Wonderland characters to dress up as and a lot of gorgeous handmade costumes and accessories available to help you do it. As someone who has a thing for cool hats, the sheer number of Mad  Hatter hats on Etsy is enough to make me giddy.  There are also a ton of great resources available for anyone looking for a Halloween costume or cosplay costume of  Alice, herself. My favorite combination is this Alice in Wonderland dress by Miss Em’s Costumes:


Alice in Wonderland Dress by Miss Em Costumes


Paired with this Alice in Wonderland Book Purse by Novel Creations:


Alice in Wonderland Book Purse by Novel Creations


And my Mad Hatter Tea Party Alice in Wonderland Necklace:


But as iconic and cool as both Alice and  the Mad Hatter are, my favorite Alice in Wonderland character is the gentleman whose appearance started Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the White Rabbit. Maybe I feel a kinship with the Rabbit because of all the times I have been late for  very important dates but I have always had a soft spot for him and I just love his little waistcoat and pocket watch. So I really wanted to put together a great White Rabbit costume that expresses my fondness for the character.  While poking around on Etsy, I came across some amazing Steampunk Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter costumes and accessories but, while there are some adorable White Rabbit costumes for kids on Etsy,  I haven’t been able to find an adult costume that had the same sort of cool Steampunk style so I decided to put one together myself.

To start off with, you are going to need some Rabbit ears and I found just the thing with this amazingly cool White Rabbit Top Hat by The Wee Hatter


White Rabbit Top Hat by The Wee Hatter

Truth be told, I simply love top hats because they can go from flirty and sassy to dressy and classy depending on how you wear them and the attitude you have while you are wearing them. But what I love about this particular hat is all the great Steampunk details of the clock and clock hands and the fact that the ears are bendable, giving you the option to shape them however you like.

Now you need a waistcoat. For a regular White Rabbit costume, you could probably get away with wearing a  regular vest, particularly if it was in a fairly traditional pattern like a pinstripe or tweed. But for a Steampunk costume, you can really indulge in something scrumptious, like this Sexy School Marm Cravat and Waistcoat by Revive Gifts.


Sexy School Marm Waistcoat by Revive Gifts


The lace cravat detailing really adds a touch of drama to the outfit. I love the brooch that you can use to fasten the lace together, giving you options about how daring you want to be with your neckline. However, for a White Rabbit costume, I like the idea of using as many Alice in Wonderland inspired accessories as possible, so I would swap out the brooch that comes with the waistcoat for my new  White Rabbit Alice in Wonderland Book Brooch.

White Rabbit Alice in Wonderland Book Brooch


If lace isn’t your thing, there is always this gorgeous burgundy and gold waistcoat (or any of the many other amazing vests and  waistcoats) from the Dashandbag Etsy Shop


Burgundy and Gold Gentleman's Vest by Dash and Bag


Once you have your waistcoat, pair it with a white shirt, a matching pair of slacks or skirt, (possibly worn with these), and  a pocket watch and you are  all set to hop off to Wonderland. You can go with a traditional pocket watch on a chain that would fasten to your waistcoat buttons and tuck into a pocket, like this one, but personally, I think that a pocket watch necklace on an extra long chain (so that it hangs below the cravat) has more impact. I looked at some gorgeous options on Etsy but my absolute favorite was this brass pocket watch necklace by Rag Trader that is both elegant and has a touch of classic literature style that works beautifully with a White Rabbit costume.

Brass Pocket Watch Necklace by Rag Trader


And this brings us to the end of this year’s Literary Halloween Costume series. I hope you have enjoyed it. If you were inspired to dress up as any of the characters we discussed, I would love to see your costumes. (Actually, I would love to see any book or poetry inspired costumes so feel free to leave a comment with a photo). I am already thinking of which famous fictional characters from books and literature that  I am going to feature next year so if you have anyone you would like to see, you can let me know that too.

Have a happy Halloween!!

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Alice in Wonderland Jewelry by C. S. Literary Jewelry Left: Tea with the Mad Hatter Necklace, Top White Rabbit Brooch, Bottom: Drink Me Brooch
Alice in Wonderland Jewelry by C. S. Literary Jewelry
Left: Mad Hatter Tea Party Necklace, Top White Rabbit Brooch, Bottom: Drink Me Brooch


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