Let’s Chat About Beach Books and Summer Reading

Come join us on Facebook as we chat about summer reading and what makes the perfect beach book.


It’s finally starting to feel like summer around here so I am starting to look around for some great beach books. What do you look for in the perfect summer read and what’s on your summer reading list?

Posted by CSLiteraryJewelry on Thursday, June 11, 2015

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3 Responses to Let’s Chat About Beach Books and Summer Reading

  1. I think the best summer reads are those books that can help you just relax and are just plain enjoyable. In the summers I usually end up reading new books from series that I like. Sadly the series that I use to read on some of them have ended now. I do recommend for anyone that likes mystery the vintage magic series. They are about a young woman who owns a vintage clothing shop and when she touches certain pieces of vintage clothing she sees memories and in ways feels them from previous owners. It’s a very easy series to read and it’s cute in that whenever she curses she uses sewing words.

    The books on my summer list (I probably won’t be able to get to all these but it’s always better to have more on there then you can get to I believe.
    Pride and prejudice (almost finished)
    Mansfield park
    Deadly heat, storm front, raging heat and wild storm by Richard castle (it’s based from the TV show castle)
    Bridget jones’ diary
    Before sunrise and before sunset screenplays
    Make love the Bruce Campbell way
    Red queen
    10th kingdom
    Twin peaks the diary of Laura Palmer
    Twin peaks the Diana tapes
    Carrie diaries
    Rumble fish
    Northhanger Abbey
    Mr and mrs fitzwilliam Darcy: two shall become one
    Paper towns
    Homicide in hardcover
    Percy Jackson series
    Harry Potter series (2 done)
    Anna and the French kiss
    I still keep adding to the list too. If anyone has any recommendations as well I’m all ears.

    • Wow…. that’s some list. I don’t know if you have read any John Green before but I recommend having tissues handy when you read Paper Towns if it is anything like The Fault In Our Stars.

      I am alternating between my usual literature reads and lighter fare. Right now I am reading The Tempest before I (hopefully) get tickets to see it performed in Central Park, Les Miserables and the Shop on Blossom Street series.

      I also have The Girls at the Kingfisher Club and Vanessa and Her Sister (about Virginia Woolf and her sister Vanessa Bell) out from the library and I am looking forward to starting those.

  2. I read fault in our stars and really loved it but then I read looking for Alaska and i really disliked it. I have been putting off reading the others of John greens ever since. i have the girls at the kingfisher club on my phone waiting to be read as well.

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