How to Support Your Favorite Etsy Shops (Without Spending a Cent!)

Of course we love it when you buy from our shops but Etsy shop owners need your help to thrive, even when you can’t make a purchase at the moment.

Increasingly on Etsy and on Facebook, how visible an Etsy shop is and how easy it is to find their products (or their posts) is determined by either how much engagement they have with their customers / audience or how much they can spend in paid ads.

Your clicks, likes, comments, and interactions with us keeps us from getting lost in the crowd and helps future customers find us. As we head into Small Business Saturday (and believe me, there are no smaller businesses than a 1-2 person Etsy shop!), please try to support your favorite Etsy shops in every way you can. We really appreciate it! Here’s how you can help!



Of course, this applies to every Etsy shop, independent artist, and small business that you love and want to see survive and thrive, but I would like to specifically invite you to visit my Etsy shop, C. S. Literary Jewelry and check out my handmade jewelry. You can also stop by my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter.

And if there are any other Etsy artists who are reading this post, please feel free to leave a comment with your shop URL and a brief description of what you sell. I will happily check your shop out and hopefully I will discover some new favorites to love and support!

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