Happy Hobbit Day

Today is Hobbit Day and the start of Tolkien week so I thought it would be nice to celebrate the occasion in true Tolkien style. In the Fellowship of the Ring, Bilbo and Frodo celebrate their joint birthdays with a big party and invited all their hobbit friends so I am doing the same, with great Hobbit costume suggestions, Middle Earth inspired music and decor, and of course, great Hobbit treats and recipes.

Hobbits also celebrate their birthdays and other special occasions by giving gifts (as oppose to receiving them) so I am observing that grand hobbit tradition by giving a 15% discount on all Lord of the Rings and Hobbit jewelry in my Etsy shop.

What to Wear

The first thing you will want to do is get all dressed up in your very best Middle Earth attire. The good news is, that with Halloween just a few weeks away, your Hobbit Day outfit also doubles as an awesome Halloween costume and if you are as much of a sci-fi / fantasy geek as I am, you can also wear your Hobbit costume to conventions too! Of course, there is a lot of information on the internet about dressing up as specific characters but for a party in the Shire, I love the idea of a basic hobbit look.

For Lady Hobbits:

I found this female Bilbo Baggins cosplay costume that is all sorts of awesome but for a generic lady hobbit look, all you really need is a renaissance fair – style skirt, chemise, and laced up bodice. You can make your own or browse Etsy for some lovely handmade pieces like these from Folk of the Wood Crafts:

Bodice, Chemise, and Skirt by Folk of the Woods Crafts
Bodice, Chemise, and Skirt by Folk of the Wood Crafts:


As for accessories, this Hobbit Book Purse from Novel Creations and you’ll make the Sackville-Baggins green with envy!

Hobbit Book Purse by Novel Creations
Hobbit Book Purse by Novel Creations

And what could be better for a hobbit – themed party than my Tea with the Hobbit Charm Necklace, personalized with your choice of teacup and teapot charms.

For Gentlemen Hobbits:

This Etsy shop has some amazing Hobbit costumes for men. My favorite is the Gamgee but I am particularly predisposed to love everything even remotely related to Samwise Gamgee, my favorite character in all of Middle Earth.


For Little Hobbits:

What could be cuter than baby hobbits? One of my favorite parts of the Fellowship of the Ring movies was the part during Bilbo’s party when he was recounting his adventures to all the adorable little hobbit kids so I made sure to scour Etsy for the best little kid Hobbit costumes. I found some great options at this Etsy shop, especially for little boy hobbits but I just fell in love with these outfits:

Little Girl Hobbit Dress by Era of Make Believe
Little Girl Hobbit Dress by Era of Make Believe


Baby Hobbit Onesie by Ciche Mom
Baby Hobbit Onesie by Ciche Mom

(FYI, Ciche Mom also has great geeky onesies for kids of sci-fi / fantasy fans, including some amazingly cool Doctor Who and Firefly onesies.)


Hobbit – y Finishing touches:

For a great Hobbit costume, you are going to need a pair of Hobbit Feet. I found this great tutorial on how to make your own Hobbit Feet here. Complete the look with hobbit ears, a cloak, and/or a pipe. And for all the would-be Bilbos and Frodos out there, there is also this awesome reproduction of their sword, Sting from Funny Farm Toy Barn.

Bilbo Baggins' Sword Sting by Funny Farm Toy Barn


Dwarves, Wizards, and Elves:

Of course, you don’t have to be a hobbit to get in the spirit of Hobbit Day. Gandalf is always invited when the Baggins throw a party. Thorin and his company of Dwarves can be very merry company, especially for impromptu gatherings and then there are elves, rangers, shieldmaidens and ents who are all very welcome indeed. Check out this cool Thorin Oakenshield costume by Folk of the Wood Crafts. (They also have some really cool options for a Kili costume too!)

Thorin Oakenshield Costume by Folk of the Woods Crafts
Thorin Oakenshield Costume by Folk of the Wood Crafts


Setting the Mood

Now that you are all dressed up, you need to set the mood with music and decorations! In terms of decor, rustic, homey touches are the best for Shire parties but you can also add little shout-outs to the books with some great LoTR inspired signs and decorations that I found on Etsy. Of course, for a hobbit – themed party, you can’t go wrong with a sign that says:


Lord of the Rings Sign by Gelert Designs
Lord of the Rings Sign by Gelert Designs


Then again, “Speak Friend and Enter” has a nice welcoming feeling to it (as long as you can guarantee a Balrog-free evening for your guests) or you can add a touch of Hobbiton ambiance with this incredibly cool Prancing Pony Inn sign:

Prancing Pony Inn Sign by Curio Obscura on Etsy
Prancing Pony Inn Sign by Curio Obscura on Etsy


Then you need some music. Tolkien’s books are full of scenes where his characters burst into song so no true Hobbit Day celebration would be complete without music. Of course, the soundtracks to the films would be great to have in the background at your Hobbit party but I am particularly partial to Don’t Go Drinking with Hobbits, an album of fun LoTR – inspired music by Celtic musician, Marc Gunn, perfect for singing along to the next time you are hanging out at the Prancing Pony.


If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world

What to Serve

Hobbit Door Cookies by Semi Sweet Designs
Hobbit Door Cookies by Semi Sweet Designs

And for a true Hobbit party, you need some great food. I haven’t tried them yet but there are some Lotr -themed teas at this website that sound delicious and you can serve them in teapots with a hobbit hole tea cozy! What could be better to serve at a Hobbit Day celebration that these adorable Hobbit Hole Cookies? I found recipes for Lembas Bread Sugar Cookies, Bilbo’s Seed Cakes that he served the Dwarves when they came to Bag End, and this website full of Lord of the Rings – inspired goodies. I also saw a cute photo of a toy dragon curled up on a pile of chocolate coins that was a very cool shout out to Smaug. And if you are ambitious and handy in the kitchen, there are a lot of amazing Lord of the Rings themed cakes on Pinterest that you can whip up for your own Hobbit Day party. Then, once all your hobbit-y treats are prepared and laid out on the table, there is nothing left to do but maybe make a little speech, dance and have a wonderful time with all your friends and relations. Have a very happy Hobbit Day and I will talk to you all again soon!

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