Halloween Costume Ideas for Book Lovers – Lucy Pevensie and Mr. Tumnus Narnia Costumes

With Halloween just a few weeks away, I am kicking off a series of blog posts about how to put together great bookish Halloween costumes, inspired by famous fictional characters. This week, I am starting things off with a couple of Narnia costumes inspired by two of my favorite characters from the Chronicles of Narnia series by C. S. Lewis: Lucy Pevensie and Mr. Tumnus.

A Narnia theme is great for big groups who are looking to coordinate costumes because it is easy to add on characters as the group grows. This kind of big group costume theme really works well for families who like to trick or treat together or, like the Hobbit costumes I discussed in this post, as group cosplay costumes for science fiction / fantasy conventions. However, for a small group or couple, nothing says Narnia for me like Mr. Tumnus and Lucy Pevensie.

Lucy Pevensie Costume

Let’s start off with Lucy. Of course, Lucy wears several, very different outfits during her time in Narnia. The Narnia films have some gorgeous costumes for inspiration if you are looking for a Queen Lucy the Valiant look (which I think would go great with my one of my Queen of Narnia statement rings) and the outfit that Georgie Henley wore in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader is too cool for words.  But my favorite Lucy look is the one from the iconic image of her at the lamp post meeting Mr. Tumnus for the first time.



Fortunately, the Lucy at the Lamp Post outfit is very easy to put together. Basically, you need a vintage style dress (or skirt and blouse), preferably with a collar. From what I can tell, there are a ton of sewing patterns available if you are crafty but you can also poke around your local thrift store or consignment shop. You can also find a dress in a solid color or a classic pattern (like a basic plaid) and then add a detachable Peter Pan collar – like this one – to it give it the right look.  Once you have the dress, add a cardigan, tights, plain black or brown shoes and a cute little hair bow.  After that, all you need  is a personalized Tea with Mr. Tumnus necklace from my Etsy shop, C. S. Literary Jewelry, and you are all set to slip into the nearest wardrobe!


Tea with Mr. Tumnus Narnia Necklace

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Mr. Tumnus Costume

Now that Lucy is ready for her Narnia adventure, we can turn our attention to Mr. Tumnus. A Mr. Tumnus costume is a bit on the ambitious side  but fortunately there are some wonderful resources available to help you put together a great one. First things first. For a good Mr. Tumnus costume, you are going to need a good pair of faun legs. Of course, if this is a costume for a young kid who is going to outgrow it in a month or if funds are limited, you can try to put something together with some faux fur fabric and a basic pants pattern.  But if you have the resources and are looking for something mind-blowingly cool-looking, you should check out these amazing Faun pants by Nikkou of Nikkous Corner, Asia & Alana McCormack:


Faun Pants
Faun Pants by Nikkou of Nikkous Corner, Asia & Alana McCormack


The faun pants in the photo above are shown with hoof shoes and leggings but the listing didn’t include them so I went looking on Etsy and found this listing by Chaos Costumes, which does include both the hooves and the pants.


Faun Pants and Hooves
Faun Pants and Hooves from by Chaos Costumes


 My only disappointment is that neither option came with a long enough tail to loop over your arm as you walk as Tumnus is described as doing but they are both so cool looking that I am more than willing to overlook that one little detail, especially since a goat or deer looking tail works much better for a faun anyway, in my opinion.

So now that we have the legs and hooves taken care of, things get easier from here. From every depiction I have ever seen, Tumnus goes bare from the waist up with only a red scarf or muffler on, but for us ladies and for folks who don’t love the idea of going out in chilly October weather without bundling up, that really isn’t an option. So I recommend getting a shirt or body suit in a beige, tan, or flesh color to give you the look of being bare-chested without the risk of pneumonia or public indecency charges.

Red ScarfThen you need a long, bright red scarf. If you are a knitter like I am, then you can whip up your own with a fairly chunky yarn and a basic rib pattern. You want something that looks homey and rustic and if the weather where you live is anything like the weather is here,  this thick, woolen scarf will be more than welcome when you are out trick or treating. But don’t worry, Even if you don’t knit, you can always pick up this hand-knit scarf from Smitten Kitten Originals that would be perfect as a Mr. Tumnus scarf!  Add an umbrella and wrap up some empty boxes in brown kraft paper and tie them in twine to create the parcels that Mr. Tumnus was carrying when he met Lucy and you are all set to go!

However, if are a die-hard costumers, there are even more great details that you can add to take your Mr. Tumnus costume to a new level.  If you don’t happen to already have one, you can add a “short pointed beard.”  Mr Tumnus is also described as having horns and there are a lot of great faun and satyr styled costume horns on Etsy (My personal favorites were these.)  Lastly, a great pair of elven or faun ears, like these from Aradani Studios, can really complete the look.

I hope you enjoyed my Narnia costume post. Be sure to leave a comment letting me know what you thought of my Lucy and Mr. Tumnus costume ideas and check back here next week when I tackle Halloween costumes inspired by the master of all things creepy, Edgar Allan Poe.

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