Frequently Asked Questions About C. S. Literary Jewelry’s Website and Social Media

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about our website and social media sites  If you have a question that is not covered here, you can:


Q: Where else can I find C. S. Literary Jewelry?

A: In addition to this website and our blog, C. S. Literary Jewelry can also be found on:

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Q: What sort of things can I expect to find on the C. S. Literary Jewelry blog and social media?

A: We talk about our jewelry and our company with sneak peeks of upcoming designs, behind the scene glimpses of what we’re working on, and discussions of the inspirations / thought process behind different pieces.

But mostly, we post book reviews and recommendations, as well as great bookish links, articles, and humor. We also share some of our favorite handmade finds from Etsy and sneak in occasional posts about knitting, cooking, crafting, theatre, and general bouts of geekiness that we think might be of interest.

And best of all, you can expect to find a wonderful community of book lovers who are a delight to chat with. We love our online community and would love to see it grow. So come visit us on Facebook and Twitter and join in the fun. Hope to see you there!

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Q: I love your website / logo? Who designed them?

A: My book and teacup logo was created for me by the wonderful and talented, Katie of Viper Paper Company.

And Shannon from Theme Maiden put together my custom WordPress theme.

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Q: I followed you on Facebook but I am not seeing any of your posts! Why is that and what can I do about it?

A: Facebook recently changed their settings and it has resulted in pages like ours not showing up as much in our fans’ newsfeeds. The best way to make sure that you see our posts is to engage with them. Clicking “like,” commenting, and sharing our posts not only tells Facebook that you want to see more of our content in your newsfeed but makes us more visible to other people on Facebook.

As an added bonus, more comments means more conversation (which we love) and the feedback we get from likes, comments, and shares gives us an idea of what content you like to see so we can include more of it in our future posts.  

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Q: I am a journalist / blogger and would like to feature C. S. Literary Jewelry in an upcoming blog post or article.

A: We love it when we are featured in a blog or article. Please drop us a line with any questions you may have about our company or our products. And be sure to let us know when your article / blog post is done so we can read it, promote it, and include it on our press page! Thanks!

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