Feeling Poetic

It’s been a very exciting (and poetic) time here at C. S. Literary Jewelry so I thought it would be a good time to touch in and give you all the latest news.

Take Your Poet To Work Day

Last week, we celebrated Take Your Poet to Work day and by all accounts, everyone (and their poets) had a wonderful time. Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe, and Rumi all got new threads for the occasion and, with the exception of Walt Whitman, (who was rather a bad influence), the poets were all extremely helpful. They did tech support, helped with the filing, brought peaches to snack on during the commute, and helped pick out some good books at the library.


Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to Kristina who won our Take Your Poet To Work Day Giveaway!

New Arrivals / Sale of the Week

This week, our obsession with poetry continues with a 20% discount on all our handmade literary jewelry inspired by poems and poetry and two new designs inspired by the famous poem, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T. S. Eliot. As you may have heard, I am utterly obsessed with this poem and I am already planning on Pruf – rocking my new jewelry at the NYC Poetry Festival this weekend.

Prufrock Jewelry

(From Left to Right: J. Alfred Prufrock Literary Necklace and J. Alfred Prufrock Ring)

If you haven’t read the poem yet, I highly recommend it. (You can read it here). If you have read Prufrock and love it as much as I do, check out my collection of Prufrock – inspired jewelry and Prufrock Coffee Spoons and Teacup Note Cards.

New York Poetry Festival

Last but not least, we will be ending our very poetic week at the New York City Poetry Festival. The event promises to be an amazing two days of poetry reading, art installations, and really cool events for poetry lovers and I can’t wait to check it out! Hope to see you there!


Visit the NYC Poetry Festival Website for more details

In other news…

Be sure to join us here tomorrow for the start of our book club discussion of The Color Purple by Alice Walker.

And please join me in wishing a happy birthday to Ernest Hemingway who was born on this day in 1899.

Hemingway Cards Collage
Ernest Hemingway Note Cards



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