CSLJ Book Club Jane Eyre Discussion – Day 6

Our discussion of Jane Eyre is winding down but today’s discussion questions are for those of us who aren’t ready to bid Jane and Mr. Rochester a fond farewell just yet.

  1. Are there any other Bronte books that you are adding to your to-read pile after reading Jane Eyre?
  2. What movies, books, plays, etc. can you recommend to someone looking to feed their addiction to Jane Eyre?
  3. What other books and authors would you recommend to a Jane Eyre fan?
Leave a comment with your thoughts and recommendations here or over here on the CSLJ Facebook page. You can also see the rest of our Jane Eyre Book Club posts and weigh in on the other discussion questions here.
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5 Responses to CSLJ Book Club Jane Eyre Discussion – Day 6

  1. I haven’t seen any movies or plays that I can recommend but one of my favorite books, The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield uses Jane Eyre as a major motif.

    I also strongly recommend The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. It’s a little hard to explain but the book (and the rest of the series that follows) takes place in an alternative history / sci-fi version of England and our heroine, Thursday Next, is a literary detective who gets called in to investigate when someone kidnaps Jane Eyre out of her book. The whole series is full of puns and bookish references and general wackiness. If you love books and Douglas Adams, you will most likely love the Thursday Next series.

    I also read a sci-fi version of Jane Eyre set in space called Jenna Starborn by Sharon Shinn. It’s a little watered down from the original book but the concept was cool.

    • Oh I forgot to mention that the book club will be reading The Thirteenth Tale later on in the year so if you are interested in checking out that book, feel free to join us!

  2. This was my first time reading Jane Eyre so I can’t really recommend any other books. But I have several to add to my reading list from these discussions 🙂

    On Hulu they have the BBC version of Jane Eyre. There are 11 thirty minute shows. I have only watched the 1st one so far but it looks promising.

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