CSLJ Book Club Discussion of The Color Purple Day 4 and 5

Hello again book lovers! Sorry for the interruption in our book club discussion of The Color Purple. This past weekend was the NYC Poetry festival and my attempts to set things up to post while I was away at the festival didn’t work out the way I hoped they would. So here are both Saturday’s and today’s discussion questions for us to talk about:

#1. At first glance, most of the male characters are portrayed as brutish and abusive while the women (with notable exceptions) love and support each other. Do you think it’s fair to say that Walker portrays women in The Color Purple more richly and more sympathetically than the men or is there more depth to her male characters than people give her credit for?

#2.  How do you think Gender Roles and societal expectations of how men and women should behave come into play in The Color Purple?

#3. Why do you think Celie tell Harpo to beat Sophia?

#4.  Why does Mister / Albert behave so differently towards Celie and Shug?

#5. Albert goes from being an abusive husband to being Celie’s friend. What do you think triggered the change in him and do you think he deserves forgiveness after all he has done?

#6. What do you think of the ending of the book? Did you find the story to be believable?

To join in the conversation, leave a comment here or head over to the CSLJ Facebook page and share your thoughts and opinions there.  If you have missed a day or two, it’s not to late to join in the fun. Check out our full Color Purple Discussion here and leave a comment or two with your thoughts about the book.


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One Response to CSLJ Book Club Discussion of The Color Purple Day 4 and 5

  1. I personally feel like Alice Walker’s men do have lots of depth I just feel that there is so much about most of the women characters that people aren’t noticing the depth of the males. I think that celie told harpo to beat Sophia because she had been beat down her whole life, and she felt that’s what was supposed to happen to other women as well. I also kind of feel that she was very jealous of the way Sophia was acting and didn’t feel she shouldn’t be the only one beat down. I feel like it was to show that misery does love company but I’m very glad that she realized what she did was wrong and apologized to Sophia. I feel that mister treats shug different because he loved her and then when his dad so many horrible things about her he started letting that poison his heart against other women. I think he really treated celie bad because all he wanted was shug and he couldn’t have her so he let his negativity and pain go on celie. I think what helped trigger his change was him seeing that shug really did care for celie and that he doesn’t have to be the way he was. I thought it was very interesting when he was telling how he and shug use to pick on his first wife and that shug didn’t care how bad he treated her. It really showed that even shug was wrong in the things she did to people. I think also when celie stood up to mister that he saw that she was a strong woman and I think that is what always attracted to him to shug. I liked the end of the book I was very glad that it had a happy ending. I felt it was believable. I was very happy that even though neither had recieved their sisters’ letters telling them about their lives that they seemed to both accept one another’s lives with no judgement.

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