CSLJ Book Club Discussion of The Color Purple – Day 3



Hello book lovers! Welcome back to our book club discussion of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple! Check out today’s discussion questions below and then share your thoughts and opinions in the comments here or head over to our Facebook page and join in the conversation there! If you’ve missed a day or two and want to catch up, you can see all of our Color Purple posts here.

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it…
People think pleasing God is all God care about but any fool living in the world can see it always
trying to please us back.” – Alice Walker, The Color Purple.

What do you think of Shug and Celie’s conversation about God? Do you agree with Shug that the best way to praise God is to admire and find joy in His creations?




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2 Responses to CSLJ Book Club Discussion of The Color Purple – Day 3

  1. I am a lot more traditional in my views of religion and God than Shug seems to be but I agree with her that God has given us a lot to praise and love Him for and that we should stop and notice it and Him much more often.

    It’s funny how often this sort of thing comes up but in our last book club discussion, we were talking about Shoeless Joe and religion and someone made the point that all the so-called “religious” folks in the book were completely without joy and that was why the author seemed so anti-religion even as he was writing about a miracle.

    I can definitely see the point, especially considering how allegedly religious people act and present themselves. But the Bible says a lot more about joy and rejoicing than a lot of people realized and if it takes seeing the color purple out in a field to remind me to stop and appreciate what God has done, then I think I should remember to look out for the color purple more often.

  2. I really loved shug’a point to find joy in his creations because I feel like sometimes we get so sucked up into what we feel we have to do to feel religious that we forget to stop and just enjoy all that God has given us. When I pray I always try to find some thing that I thank God for like the cool breeze on a hot day, the beautiful sunrise I saw or the sunset, a beautiful flower I saw with butterflies almost dancing around it. I think it’s good if we all could appreciate the little things sometimes.

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