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The latest edition of the C. S. Literary Jewelry newsletter is out! If you haven’t joined my mailing list yet, here’s what you missed:


Check out the latest additions to my collection of literary rings. Inspired by The Three Musketeers, The Great Gatsby, and Romeo and Juliet, these new mini rings pack a lot of bookish style in a small package, making them the perfect literary jewelry for book lovers who prefer a more subtle look. They are also small enough to wear comfortably while typing, reading, or working with your hands, which means you can wear them almost anywhere!


It’s hard to believe but the summer is almost over and it’s time to head back to school. I am celebrating the start of a new school year with my annual Back to School Sale! Save 10% on everything in the C. S. Literary Jewelry Etsy shop with the coupon code: APPLE16. (Offer ends 9/5/16). Click here to shop.


First_Book_Twitter_logo.jpgI’m also teaming up with First Book to give books to kids in need. You can help by heading to the C. S. Literary Jewelry Etsy shop and making a purchase. For every piece of handmade literary jewelry that I sell from now until Sept. 16th, I will donate $2 to First Book.*

The more you shop, the more money we raise to buy books for kids from low-income families, which will help them succeed academically and develop a life-long love of books and reading! You can also help me meet my fundraising goal of $100 by making a donation here on Fundly.

* Does not include: gift cards, note cards, or custom orders.



It’s almost time for my favorite event of the year, the Long Island Women’s EXPO. Come join us at the Middle Country Public Library on Oct. 6th for great shopping and networking with talented women entrepreneurs. For more details, visit:


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Nautical Summer Style for Book Lovers

Dive into summer with handmade nautical jewelry inspired by classic books and poetry, including: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Moby Dick by Herman Melville, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne, and the famous Walt Whitman poem, “O Captain! My Captain!


Want to see more summer style with bookish flair? Check out these casual summer outfits featuring my new nautical jewelry for book lovers and a cool Jules Verne Book Purse by Novel Creations.


Call Me Ishmael



Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea

Get my Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea look here on Polyvore



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A Modern Day Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte’s 200th birthday is fast approaching and the literary world is ready to celebrate. I have particularly been enjoying seeing all the #JaneAndMe tweets on Twitter, where book lovers have been posting photos of themselves with their well-loved and well-read copies of  Jane Eyre. Browsing through all of the #JaneAndMe photos, I was really struck by how timeless Jane Eyre is. Jane’s strength of character, passionate nature, and unrelenting need to be true to herself is as inspiring now as it was when the book was written and I started to wonder what a modern day Jane Eyre would look like. So I decided to put together a literary look for the 21st century Jane Eyre.

I thought a black and white outfit would suit Jane’s sensible, no-nonsense personality but I wanted something that would hint at her passionate side as well, so I was thrilled to find this gorgeous bird print dress, which reminded me of the classic Jane Eyre quote: “ ‘I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.’ I completed the outfit with this gorgeous Jane Eyre book purse by Novel Creations – a must-have for the devoted Jane Eyre fan – my brand new Jane Eyre Brooch.  Together, these lovely literary accessories make the perfect outfit for a modern day Jane Eyre or the book lovers who love her!

Like what you see? Find out more about my Modern Day Jane Eyre Outfit here on Polyvore or check out more of my literary looks inspired by classic books and poems here.

Modern Day Jane Eyre



Jane Eyre Brooch by C. S. Literary Jewelry

Jane Eyre Brooch by C. S. Literary Jewelry

This beautiful Jane Eyre Book Brooch is the latest addition to my collection of handmade Jane Eyre jewelry and is the perfect piece of literary jewelry for book lovers with a strong and independent spirit, just like Jane’s. Get your own Jane Eyre Brooch here or see my full collection of handmade Jane Eyre jewelry in the C. S. Literary Jewelry Etsy shop.


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Bookish Valentines

Valentine’s Day is just days away and love is in the air here at C. S. Literary Jewelry with five new necklaces inspired by some of my favorite literary lovers, including Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester, Emma and Mr. Knightley from Jane Austen’s Emma, Captain Wentworth and Anne Elliot from Persuasion, Benedick and Beatrice from Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing and Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe from the Anne of Green Gables books. These lovely, literary heart necklaces make great Valentine’s Day gifts for book lovers and are the perfect way to share your love of your favorite bookish OTP, (one true pairing).

Hearts Blog

Don’t forget! Everything in the C. S. Literary Jewelry Etsy shop, including my new heart necklaces, are on sale this week for 20% off with the coupon code: CUPID16. The sale ends Sunday, Feb. 14th so visit my shop today.

Still in the mood for love? Check out this list of my favorite Bookish Valentines from books and literature and this collection of my favorite heart – shaped gifts and goodies from the Etsy marketplace.

‘Hearts For Valentine’s Day’ by C. S. Literary Jewelry

Wonderful heart – themed gifts and goodies for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Decor Pe…


Original Watercolor Painting…


Artisan Large Heart Bracelet…


READY TO SHIP Interchangeabl…


Ribbon Heart Cushion – hessi…




red heart hoop // upcycled s…


custom heart — tree print p…


trio of ceramic heart bowls


Origami heart inside a 2&quo…


Needle Felted Penguin – Love…


Love Heart Angel Pink Bowl w…


Handcut Hearts Card *Blank I…


The Tree of Love – Book Art …


Valentine Garland Red Heart …


WREATH SALE Tulip Heart Wrea…


Powered By Handmadeology

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Are You Ready for the CSLJ Pumpkin Decorating Contest?


It’s almost time for our 2nd Annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest and Fall Giveaway. To enter, decorate one or more pumpkin(s) and share a photo of your creation with us. We’ll be accepting entries, from Friday, Oct. 16th. to  Friday, Oct. 23rd and after all the entries are in, we will vote to determine who made the best pumpkin. The winner will be announced on Halloween and will receive a $25 Gift Card to the C. S. Literary Jewelry Etsy shop.

You can decorate any pumpkin or gourd (real or artificial) and can carve it, paint it, or decorate it in any way you like. However, all pumpkins must be decorated by hand and they must have a bookish theme and be inspired by a fictional character, book, poem, or piece of literature. If you’re a pumpkin obsessed overachiever and want to go the extra mile, you can choose to decorate up to three pumpkins and enter them all for extra chances to win. Each pumpkin must be a unique and different  design to be considered for the contest but feel free to have your pumpkins coordinate with each other.

The entry page for the Pumpkin Contest will go live on Friday with the link to submit your pumpkins and ways to earn additional chances to win. In the meanwhile, you can find some inspiration to help you come up with an awesomely bookish pumpkin design here, here, here, here, and here.

You can also get into the spirit of things with a piece of handmade Halloween Jewelry  for book lovers. Inspired by my favorite Horror books and dark, Gothic poetry, including: The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, my literary Halloween jewelry is on sale this week for 20% off. The offer ends 10/18/15. Visit my Etsy shop today.


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A Fly-By Update

Things have been insanely busy here. I’ve got project after project stacked up waiting and a deadline (or two) that is fast approaching. But it’s been so quiet in here while I was sick that I wanted to make sure that I made time for a quick, fly-by of a post to let you know all the cool stuff that’s been going on behind the scenes here at C. S. Literary Jewelry.

Upcoming Events:

First up, I have been working on getting ready for two cool, upcoming events, the Sachem Public Library Fall Festival and the Long Island Women’s EXPO. In addition to my handmade literary jewelry, including several new designs (more on that in a bit), I will also have an assortment of Book Purses by Novel Creations for sale at my table. I just got the box from Karen at Novel Creations yesterday and I let out many a fan-girl squeal as I went through the box. Each purse was more gorgeous than the last and I am anticipating having a little trouble letting them go. (I am especially in danger of having a “Gollum moment” over the incredibly cool Hobbit Book Purse – “No! My Precious!” by I will try to restrain myself.)

If you’re in the Long Island area, I hope you’ll come out to one (or both) of these great events and stop by our table to say “hi!”





New Literary Jewelry Designs

There are a lot of reasons why I am looking forward to both the Fall Festival and the Women’s EXPO but I am especially excited to be introducing some of my new literary jewelry designs. I don’t know why but the entire time I have been sick, I couldn’t focus on anything … except designing. Eventually I just decided to go with it and went on a huge designing spree. I added three new necklaces to my Etsy shop over the weekend: a Sherlock Holmes Necklace, an Alice in Wonderland necklace featuring the Mad Hatter, and a fun and casual Steampunk necklace inspired by Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne.

Literary Necklaces TW

And there’s more where these came from. I have about 20+ new literary jewelry designs in various stages of completion and I really can’t wait to finish them all so I can share them with you. I’ll be adding them to my Etsy shop over the next few weeks so sign up for my newsletter or follow C. S. Literary Jewelry on Facebook to be the first to see new literary jewelry inspired by: Jane Austen, The Secret Garden, Alice in Wonderland, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Sherlock Holmes and more.

CSLJ Book Club News

Due to illness and a personal scheduling issue, I’ve had to push back the start date for the CSLJ Book Club’s discussion of To Kill a Mockingbird to Wed., Sept. 23rd. I am sorry for any inconvenience and hope you will be able to join us as we talk about this classic book.  We will be also having a bonus book club discussion of  Harper Lee’s new book, Go Set a Watchman on Sept. 30th. From what I can tell, Watchman is a book that has inspired by very strong opinions among book lovers and I can’t wait to hear what you thought about the book and its impact on Harper Lee’s legacy.  Click here to see our updated reading schedule.

I am also in the process of picking which books we will be reading next year. Based on your feedback, I have the list of options narrowed down to two books, including Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby, Jane Austen’s Persuasion, and The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, but I need your help to make the final selection. You can let me know what books you’d like to read next year by taking this short survey.  Thanks!

Well, that’s all I have time for today. I’ve got to get back to working on some custom designs, shipping out orders, and getting my new jewelry designs ready for their debut at the Fall Festival and Women’s EXPO and I hope to get a lot of it down before  #HandmadehourUSA on Twitter at 7 pm est. I’ll be back tomorrow with a book review of Juliet’s Nurse by Lois Neveen but until then, happy reading and have a great day!

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Feeling Poetic

It’s been a very exciting (and poetic) time here at C. S. Literary Jewelry so I thought it would be a good time to touch in and give you all the latest news.

Take Your Poet To Work Day

Last week, we celebrated Take Your Poet to Work day and by all accounts, everyone (and their poets) had a wonderful time. Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe, and Rumi all got new threads for the occasion and, with the exception of Walt Whitman, (who was rather a bad influence), the poets were all extremely helpful. They did tech support, helped with the filing, brought peaches to snack on during the commute, and helped pick out some good books at the library.


Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to Kristina who won our Take Your Poet To Work Day Giveaway!

New Arrivals / Sale of the Week

This week, our obsession with poetry continues with a 20% discount on all our handmade literary jewelry inspired by poems and poetry and two new designs inspired by the famous poem, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T. S. Eliot. As you may have heard, I am utterly obsessed with this poem and I am already planning on Pruf – rocking my new jewelry at the NYC Poetry Festival this weekend.

Prufrock Jewelry

(From Left to Right: J. Alfred Prufrock Literary Necklace and J. Alfred Prufrock Ring)

If you haven’t read the poem yet, I highly recommend it. (You can read it here). If you have read Prufrock and love it as much as I do, check out my collection of Prufrock – inspired jewelry and Prufrock Coffee Spoons and Teacup Note Cards.

New York Poetry Festival

Last but not least, we will be ending our very poetic week at the New York City Poetry Festival. The event promises to be an amazing two days of poetry reading, art installations, and really cool events for poetry lovers and I can’t wait to check it out! Hope to see you there!


Visit the NYC Poetry Festival Website for more details

In other news…

Be sure to join us here tomorrow for the start of our book club discussion of The Color Purple by Alice Walker.

And please join me in wishing a happy birthday to Ernest Hemingway who was born on this day in 1899.

Hemingway Cards Collage
Ernest Hemingway Note Cards



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Children’s Book Week at C.S. Literary Jewelry


This week is Children’s Book Week, a yearly celebration “of books for young people and the joy of reading.” Many of the book lovers I know developed their love of reading when they were young and the books they read as kids have stayed with them throughout their lives. As you probably have noticed, I love re-reading my favorite childhood classics. I love talking about my favorite kid’s books with other book lovers and I love designing jewelry inspired by classic children’s literature  and fairytales (more on that in a moment), but most of all, I love introducing great books to a new generation of book lovers. I am the aunt in the family that is always scanning the nieces and nephews’ bookshelves to make sure an essential book isn’t missing and when a new baby is born in the family, I am usually the family member showing up at the hospital with a hand-knit baby blanket and a picture book (or two).

First Book LogoBut sadly, not every child has access to the books and literature that they need to develop a life-long love of reading And that is why, I will be celebrating Children’s Book Week by making a donation to First Book for every item from the C. S. Literary Jewelry Etsy shop that I sell this week. First Book is an organization that gives books to children in need and have donated over 125 million books to schools and programs who serve low-income families across the U.S. and Canada. A donation of $10 buys four new books for kids in need and this week, that money will go even farther, thanks to the generosity of Mo, Cher, and Trixie Willems who will be matching donations – dollar for dollar – from now until May 10th.

To find out more about First Book, check out the video below or visit the First Book Website and Facebook page.

So this week, when you make a purchase from my Etsy shop, you are not only getting a great gift for a special book lover in your life or beautiful piece of handmade literary jewelry that celebrates your favorite books and poetry, but you are also putting books in the hands of a new generation of book lovers.

Click here to visit my Etsy shop, C. S. Literary Jewelry

New Arrival
In related news, I would like to introduce you to my new Peter Pan Bangle Bracelet! Inspired by the thimble and acorn button that Peter Pan and Wendy exchange as “kisses” in the classic children’s book by J.M. Barrie, this adjustable bangle bracelet is a fun and whimsical accessory for anyone who ever wished she could fly off to Neverland with Peter Pan! Find out more about my new Peter Pan Bangle Bracelet here.


New Pricing For Fairytale Bracelets
I am also pleased to announce that my collection of Fairytale bangle bracelets are now available an enchanting new price! With each bracelet marked down by almost 30%, there has never been a better time to pick up a charming bracelet inspired by classic fairytale characters like: Cinderella, Prince Charming, the Evil Queen and more. See the full collection here.


All these great announcements (and more) were featured in the latest edition of the C. S. Literary Jewelry Newsletter. If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter yet, you can see this week’s newsletter here and subscribe here.

In addition to getting the latest information about new handmade jewelry inspired by your favorite books and poetry, sales, giveaways and more, I also give all new newsletter subscribers a coupon code for 10% off a future C. S. Literary Jewelry purchase. Already subscribed? Refer a friend who subscribes and get a 15% discount on your next purchase!

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