Bookish Halloween Costumes: The Time Traveler

The Time Traveler


I don’t know about you but I’ve had time travel on my mind a lot lately. Whether it’s the ability to fast forward to Nov. 9th or the comforting thought of a time traveler from the future coming back to save us all from this nightmare of an election cycle, I have been wishing hard for a time machine. But until the Doctor shows up with his TARDIS, this H.G. Wells Halloween costume is probably my only chance to be a time traveler. The second in my series of book themed Halloween costumes for book lovers, this Steampunk costume was inspired by the sci-fi classic, The Time Machine by H. G. Wells. Perfect for Halloween and for cosplay fun, this Time Traveler costume features a cool Steampunk top hat, gorgeous Victorian style boots, and a pair of  fun pocket watch earrings. And because no proper Time Traveler would risk being trapped in the past without a proper cup of tea, I finished off the look with an H. G. Wells Novel Tea Necklace from the C. S. Literary Jewelry Etsy shop.

What do you think, book lovers? Would you like to go traveling through time with this Steampunk lady? Is there a bookish Halloween costume you would like to see? Leave a comment and let me know!

I’ll be back with more literary Halloween costumes, (next up – The Great Gatsby), but in the meanwhile you can:

(Use the coupon code: CSLJ15 to save 15% on this fun Steampunk necklace. Offer ends Oct. 16th)

See you next time. Happy reading everyone!

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