An Autumn Treat for a Blustery Day

shutterstock_158715674It’s rather bleak outside my window. It’s cold and rainy, like it has been for several days now, and the weather is starting to get to me a little. Fortunately, I have a secret weapon to help me fight the rainy day gloom because after I finish writing this post, I have a pot of homemade chicken soup, and a re-read of a great book waiting for me. And as a little extra treat, I am planning on having a pot of tea, and a piece of this Pumpkin Coffee Cake with Maple Syrup Glaze for dessert.

Maybe it’s the time of year or maybe I just had pumpkins on the brain because of the Pumpkin Decorating Contest we are having, but I have definitely been in the mood for something pumpkin-ish for a while and this coffee cake definitely hits the spot. It was fairly easy to make and has been a big hit with everyone here. I particularly liked the maple syrup glaze drizzle as it really gave this cake a extra punch of flavor that my sweet tooth thoroughly enjoyed.  My only issue with the recipe is that it gets a little dry if you let  it cook even a little too long so if you make it, be sure to check it early and often to catch it before it reaches that point.

In the meanwhile, I am always on the lookout for great pumpkin recipes so leave a comment with your favorite pumpkin recipes





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