A Picnic with Walt Whitman

Looking for something fun to add to your summer bucket list? How about having a picnic with Walt Whitman? Whitman’s poetry is all about the need to get outside, to breath and taking the time to truly notice and experience things – from a blade of summer grass to all the people who surround you. Sounds perfect for a summer afternoon of reading a book of poems, (may I suggest Whitman’s Leaves of Grass), appreciating nature, and possibly a little people-watching. Of course, there’s no dress code for a summer day spent leaning and loafing among the leaves of grass, but what could be more perfect for a picnic with Walt Whitman than this literary outfit, featuring a pretty sundress, a matching hat, and this handmade Walt Whitman pendant with a quote from his poem, A Song of Myself?


A Picnic With Walt Whitman

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