30 Days of Handmade Christmas – Day 3: Tradition

Tomorrow, families across the country will be gathering together and observing wonderful family traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. Whether it’s making mom’s pumpkin pie recipe, setting the table with your great-grandmother’s china, or playing a game of touch football with the kids while the turkey finishes cooking, the holidays are a great time for honoring special memories and traditions.

This is why an appreciation for tradition is today’s reason to buy handmade gifts. (Click here to see more reasons to to have a “Handmade Christmas”).  Not only is making an item by hand a time-honored practice, but many indie artists and craftsmen keep traditional skills and crafts alive when they would otherwise have died out.  And even among those who use more modern techniques, you can find wonderful artists who incorporate traditional materials, styles, and motifs into their work or who are inspired by the great artist and craftsmen from past generations.

Little Women Novel Tea Necklace

You can also find meaningful, handmade gifts that tap into your own personal history and family traditions. For example, a few weeks ago I wrote about my family’s tradition of passing Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women from generation to generation and how the memory of a tea party spent chatting about our favorite Little Women characters with my grandmother inspired my Little Women Novel Tea Necklace. In a few weeks, it will be Christmas and I will be honoring my family’s tradition but giving my goddaughter her own tea set, a copy of Little Women, and one of my new child-sized Little Women necklaces. I know that we will have a lot of fun, drinking tea and reading together and I am sure I will tell her all about my grandmother, (her great-grandmother), and how she loved this book too.  Someday, Katrina may do the same with her daughter so that this wonderful book and the history of the generations of women in my family who have loved it will live on.

I hope you will consider starting a tradition of putting handmade gift beneath your Christmas tree.  Speaking of handmade gifts, I wanted to mention that we will be having a Black Friday Sale this weekend with free gift wrap and a store-wide 25% discount on my handmade literary jewelry and gifts for book lovers Visit our Etsy shop, C.S. Literary Jewelry at www.etsy.com/shop/csliteraryjewelry and use the coupon code: SANTA14 to receive your discount!

I will be back tomorrow with Day 4 of the 30 Days of Handmade Christmas but since many of you will be spending the day with family and not on the internet,  I wanted to take this moment to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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